3-5x companies sales grow.
Brainmole B2B sales support agency
What we do
We provide full sales support to grant you sales-qualified leads, increase ROI and conversion rates, and improve SDRs productivity via Influ2 and person-based ads.

You will get:
- 3-5x better conversion rates
- SDRs productivity improved by 30%
- 2.8x marketing ROI

Our services
Prospect research
We will find in LinkedIn prospects who you see as your potential clients, along with their contact information, and create target lists.
We will develop banners and mini landing pages which will be the most relevant to your target audience.
Influ2 integration
We will integrate Influ2 to your CRM-system and e-mail sending services.
Email automation
We will develop content for your emails and set up email automation.
Content development
We will create personalized content for each group of stakeholders.
Negotiation support
We will help your sales team to close deals by showing personalized content to stakeholders.
Get ready for next-step lead generation
Your company needs more SQL?
We can help you to deal with it.
2 years of experience in lead generation via Influ2
We know how it works and use it in the most effective way.
Full-cycle support
We take care of everything. You only need to sell.
Global opportunities
We can get SQL in any part of the world where LinkedIn works.
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